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The Maintenance Cabinet

Inspired by the industrial fixtures of the Frihamnen area I sought to create an identity unique to the space by developing a group of creatures which would populate the area. This involved creating an ‘alternative history’ narrative. In this narrative the Souls of Frihamnen are a group of creatures from unknown origins who arrive on a banana boat and make Frihamnen their home.

These  are a group of bear like creatures who travel in groups and consist of family units. I produced these particular Soulsfor the final piece as they best reflect the incoming community to the soon to be redeveloped Frihamnen.

The Maintenance Cabinet

In this project I took inspiration from fables to create objects that communicate a moral lesson. The moral lesson being maintenance in life (in self, environments and relationships). In this piece, I created a self contained domestic maintenance cabinet. A Christian alter aesthetic has been utilised to elevate maintenance beyond the physical environment of the home.

As well as some more recognisable cleaning tools, the cabinet also contains oil, vinegar and salt. These are substances which have biblical connotations but also must be used sparingly in domestic maintenance, playing with the idea of balance.